Open Water

Ever wanted to swim in open water? Do you swim open water already but want to improve? We can help you whatever level you’re with regards to your open water experience.



Group sessions are ideal for people who would like to come down as a club or just as a group of friends.


We offer private one to one sessions or group sessions that are tailored for your needs. Private one to one sessions are ideal if you’re a nervy beginner, who wants help overcoming natural fears about swimming in open water. We can help to build up your confidence so that you can fully enjoy the many joys of swimming in open water. In these sessions, we can either be in the water with you, or right next to your side in a canoe.

Training for open water race and want to practise swimming longer distances with canoe support? We can help you with this as well! 

Open Water Session Pricing (Individual Session)

  • 30 minute introduction session - £30
    ideal for those who have never done open water and want to try it and see if they like it.
  • 60 minute session - £50
    ideal for those who can already swim open water and are looking to improve on their current ability. 

We also offered guided swims for those people who have a challenge or goal in mind. Please contact Chris if that is you, so we can talk through what your specific needs are!


Phone: 07738 966626