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We’d love to hear from you, so if you drop us an email with some details on, we will be in touch with you really quickly. Some details (other than the usual) which would really help us include:

  • Your current ability (how far can you swim, how far can you swim a given distance etc)?
  • What’s your aim with your swimming?
  • Do you have a specific event in mind?
  • Is there anything you specifically struggle with you would like help with?


Phone: 07738 966626



“Excellent coaching session this morning in flume pool, amazing how a few tweaks can totally improve stroke! Thanks Chris!”

@ucanswim I am pleased to report that I have taken my 400m swim time down from 9.47 to 8.49 after video swim analysis! 💪

'Just the best tuition sessions I've ever had! I've particularly enjoyed, and learned from, the fact that each session has focussed on a certain aspect of the stroke'.