ucanswim strongly believes that everyone can reach their full potential with their swimming, in essence uCANswim! We are based in Chester, but work with people from all over the Northwest. Our fundamental belief is that through continual improvement in technique, there is no limit to how much you can improve your swimming. It doesn’t matter what level you are at with your swimming, beginner right through to experienced and high level, there is room for improvement for everyone. We also cater for either pool or open water swimming, so we really don’t leave any drop of water untouched!

Technique Sessions - now fully booked!

Here at ucanswim, we strongly believe that everyone can improve their swimming by concentrating on technique. To support our belief in this and help you achieve your swimming goals, we are putting on five bespoke swim technique pool sessions. Each session will concentrate on something different and by coming to all of them, you will gain the full benefit from this program of sessions. As an added free extra, for anyone that attends the first session, we will spend time with each individual, analysing your swimming. You will then receive your suggested stroke corrections with some drills to help you improve. This will then be reviewed at every session you then attend and tweaked where needed. We will also be limiting the number of people within the sessions so that everyone who comes gets individual feedback and gains the most from these sessions.


The general theme for the sessions is as planned:

Session 1 – Body position – How yours currently is and the optimum position for you to make swimming easier.

Session 2 – Hand Entry – How does your hand enter the water and how should it to help cut down frontal resistance.

Session 3 – Hand Path Underwater – How to make the most of pushing water backwards to make you move forwards more efficiently.

Session 4 - Leg Kick – How to make the best of your kick and how this ties in with your core strength.

Session 5 - How to swim in a straight line – How this will have a massive impact on your open water swimming.


Each session will be held at Chester University Pool, on a Saturday morning, for an hour, 8 till 9am. Dates for these bespoke sessions are:

Session 1 - Saturday October 22nd

Session 2 - Saturday November 19th

Session 3 - Saturday January 14th

Session 4 - Saturday February 11th

Session 5 - Saturday March 4th


These sessions are aimed at anyone that can already swim frontcrawl for at least 200m without struggling. If you have any swim kit, please bring it to the sessions (eg hand paddles, kick board, fins, swim snorkels etc).


The cost for these bespoke sessions is as follows:

Per session: £7.50

Block booking for all 5 sessions: £30. For this option, payment is required before the 1st session and is payable by BACS only (Please email to express interest to block book).


For more information and to block book all 5 sessions, please send your email to Chris at the following email address: chris@ucanswim.co.uk


We look forward to seeing you all at the sessions.


New Flume Pool Dates - February 11th - slots going quickly, last few left & March 4th (2017)

Open Water coaching (summer only - 2016 information) - we are excited to announce that we are now coaching at a new open water swim venue in Cheshire with Total Swim Training. Great venue at Nunsmere Hall Hotel with swim sessions Wednesday 6 - 8pm and Sunday 5 - 7pm. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on coached sessions. Also visit Total Swim Training website for more details: https://totalswimtraining.com/



What can ucanswim offer you?

We take pride in the fact that we strongly believe that everyone is different, so there isn’t a one cap fit all approach or technique that suits one person. Our coaching method is to take each swimmer individually, to analyse your own style and technique, then take the correct technique improvements that will suit you. This will then give you the best chance to move your swimming on and achieve whatever goals or ambitions you have set for yourself.

We offer tailored, structured training plans to suit your swimming and lifestyle so you get the best out of your swimming. As an example, please see one of the packages we offer below (others are available):

  • Monthly 30 minute video analysis session in the flume.
  • Two sessions per week (these sessions are tailored to your swimming) and sent via email for you to do in your own time during the week.
  • Cost for this package is £50 per month


Check out our latest blog (24th Dec 2016) - hand entry, why it's important to your swimming and how to improve yours! - http://ucanswim.blogspot.com/2016/12/ucanswim-hand-entry-at-ucanswim-we.html

Check out our 1st blog (November 2016) - body position and how to improve yours! - http://ucanswim.blogspot.com/2016/12/at-ucanswim-we-strongly-believe-that.html


Want to know more?

To find out how we can help you, whether as an individual or a group, then fill in our contact form or email direct to chris@ucanswim.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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“Excellent coaching session this morning in flume pool, amazing how a few tweaks can totally improve stroke! Thanks Chris!”

'The drills have made a real difference and we now enjoy the pool more than I would previously have thought possible'.

'Just the best tuition sessions I've ever had! I've particularly enjoyed, and learned from, the fact that each session has focussed on a certain aspect of the stroke'.